Some firms see the same problems crop up year after year:
  • Lawyers complain about the quality of the work product, about burnout, about a lack of consistent procedures.
  • The firm is overstaffed, but no one is around when you need help.
  • The assets (staff and attorneys) all have feet. Managing isn't getting any easier.
  • Partners haven't taken home more money since no-one-remembers-when. But yet there is more business coming in. What is going on?
Competitive pressures, profitability concerns, retention of critical talent, organizational efficiency--all of these call for objective, strategic advice or on-going experienced management. We are here to help you build a better firm.

Law Firm Management Services is a CPA firm specializing in law firms. We are independent, completely confidential, and affordable.

We offer expertise and experience--all of it with great attitude.


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